Building a Brand of Diversity with Jordan Lyle

FTCC Founder, Jordan Lyle recently caught up with Motionographer to chat about diversity and representation in the motion design community and the driving force behind the creation of For The Culture Club. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

M : How has your background as an Art Director and Motion Designer influenced the creation of the brand? Do you see yourself drawing from past experiences in the design world?

JL : Definitely. So, having spent the last several years working in the motion design industry in LA I’ve been fortunate to wear many hats in different capacities and roles as a creative. From designer in all its different forms, type nerd, photographer, animator, editor, art director, curator, reference puller, copywriter to creating and navigating pitches, deciphering client needs, leading multiple jobs and teams at once, constant problem-solving, and carefully finding ways to deliver a thoughtful opinion. I felt like I had all these various tools that I had been sharpening along the way but without a concrete portfolio that truly reflected how all those things worked together as my total package. For The Culture Club is the culmination of all those things and it has allowed me to flex all those muscles as the founder and creative director of the brand, as well as develop new ones that come with being a first-time entrepreneur.